Right Now

by Sheena O. Murray



Second release from Sheena O. Murray's forthcoming EP titled "SOMone"

Written by: Sheena O. Murray
Produced by: Tron Lippett




What if all I had was tonight to be with you
What if there was no tomorrow
Would right now still be too soon?
I want my flowers now
Don't let time & place ruin the mood
We've come too far to stop now
Let us resume


How long will it take you
To see this is perfect, right now?
We may not have this chance again
Take it for what it is, as it is
Worry about tomorrow, oh, tomorrow
And go with the feeling
If it's what you're feeling

Verse 2

What if I was right and you let me slip away
You'd be filled with regret
These are the chances we must take
I understand your apprehension
'Cause it can go either way
But I'd take a walk on this tightrope
If you're holding me

Chorus 2x


Don't let fear get in the way of what feels right
Live in the moment
'Cause there's no, no better time
Who knows where we'll end up
On this journey but we cant stop here
So love, just love me...tonight


released June 29, 2015
Produced by: Tron Lippett
Mix/Mastered: Stephen D. Gibson for Reservoir9MG



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Sheena O. Murray Miami, Florida

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